New Album


Artist: Kumorigahara
Title: Kumorigahara
Label: Arcàngelo
Cat. no.: ARC-1176
EAN : 4988044067691
Format: CD
Genre: Progressive Rock / Heavy
Release date: December 1st 2021

KUMORIGAHARA / 曇ヶ原 New Album

1. Prefectural Route 334 

2. 3472-1 

3. Nakano Street

4. Sunrise on the Sand 

5. Snow Bug 

6. Tryptan 

7. Tears of Rabbit

8. Kawazu-zakura 

Line Up

Shota Ishigaki:Bass, Vocal, 12st Guitar 

Vaiolite:Electric Guitar  

a_kira:Keyboards,Taisho-Koto,Acoustic Guitar


KUMORIGAHARA described as “progressive hard folk in Japanese” and called as “ANEKDOTEN in Kita-Ikebukuro”. The contrast between riffs in odd-numbered time signatures as 5,7,9 and dramatic song parts has earned them the reputation of
“King Crimson meets Doji Morita” and “Kazuki Tomokawa with Emerson Lake & Palmer”.

Shota Ishigaki, a leader started as singing with a guitar in 2010,then formed as a band in 2013. The band is Shota(bass, vocal,12th guitar), Vaiolite (Electric Guitar), a_kira (Maria Kannon,ex J.A. Caesar and the House of the Devil), who handle a variety of keys organ and piano and MU JAPAN (drums), who has solid technique and powerful drumming.

The band has an important background in independent music
scene, and their high level of technique and powerful
performance have made them a key figure in the next generation

Tears of Rabbit Official Music Video 12.01.2021 Release
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